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Custom Logos for Rackmount Servers

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  • Silk Screen
    Silk screen is the easiest and best looking. Your art is photographically printed on a fabric screen (not silk anymore) and epoxy ink is forced through the screen onto the part being printed. Multiple colors can be applied through subsequent applications after each previous layer dries. Costs for silk screen logos: $80 Film Positive Charge (1 time fee), $200 Setup Charge (charged for each order to create screen, set up the job, etc.), $4 / Color / Part to Screen Logo on Chassis
  • Domed Labels
    Domed Labels are created by depositing a clear PVC material on top of a printed paper or foil label to create a 3-D label. See DomeTag at for examples. The advantage to these labels is they are very inexpensive. Because they are printed, they do not have the limitations regarding the art work that silk screen and metal labels have. Setup is about $75 and labels cost about $1 each for 250.
  • Die Cast or Etched Metal Labels
    Die Cast Labels are 3-dimensional stick-on labels. These can be simple flat metal with silk screen or complex 3-dimensional labels with filled colors. These can simply be stuck to the front of the chassis. See Prestige Graphics at for a source. Setup is $500-$2,000and cost per label is in the $1-$3 depending on complexity and quantity. In general, you need to order a minimum of 250 labels.
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