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UAV Control Hub & Command
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CP North America provides a number of Ground Control Stations solutions.

Our expeditionary workstations provide a platform for versatile, high speed processing capabilities in a mobile ruggedized system. Offered in assembled transit case and portable “briefcase” form factors, these workstations are the ideal solution for UAV ground control stations while out in harsh, real-world environments. The workstations built by CP North America can be custom tailored to meet the specific needs of the operators with optional additions such as capacitive touchscreens, specialized input ports, switches, routers, data links, or other integrated 3rd-party equipment for a fully mobile all-in-one solution.

Portable Systems and Solutions

Rugged Portable GCS by CP North America are the ideal solution for situations requiring a transportable, all-in-one, high-performance computing while out in harsh, real-world environments. Used in applications such as Ground Control Stations for flying drones, our Rugged Portable computing systems deliver all the power and capabilities of a full fledged desktop system with all the necessary peripherals needed, such as displays and keyboards, all while packaged into a singular portable, ruggedized unit designed and built to survive in the most adverse of deployments.

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The Medium Tactical Computer System is designed to provide deployable networks, Rugged Cross Domain Solutions and architecture to support Ground Control Stations. Each system is configurable to the users requirements and can include computers, human interface devices, storage arrays, uninterruptible power system or power distribution and a variety of display options. All housed in an ECS case and ruggedized to meet MIL-STD’s. All of our systems include revision control and we manage the configuration and obsolescence management for long program life. All of the systems components are designed and built in the USA.

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CP North America STCS are small form factor modules that provide powerful Xeon processing performance optimized for virtualization applications, gigabit switching and routing capabilities and over 10 minutes of sustained battery backup time. These systems accommodate flexible mounting options with brackets that can be mounted in a standalone configuration, to a bulkhead, in a half rack/case, or a standard 19” rack.

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Handheld GCS SYstems

CP North America’ GCS2 series ground control systems provide a platform for versatile, high-speed processing capabilities in a rugged handheld tablet system. These high-performance tablet systems are the ideal solution for a mobile and versatile ground station application while out in harsh, real-world environments.

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Combat Proven Technologies

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Syscool™ Thermal Management System

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Mil-spec standards, dependable ruggedization

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revision control and configuration management

CP North America designs, fabricates and integrates standard and customized high-performance computing platforms for military, industry, and commercial applications. We provide reliable systems that will operate in harsh conditions and include revision control and hardware consistency for multi-year programs.

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