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Secure, powerful, and ultra-ruggedization are the guiding principles behind CP North America’s servers. Combined with 25+ years of experience and insight, we rapidly deploy prototypes into latest and greatest rugged system solutions for the modern era.

Rugged computer system

rugged computing systems and solutions

CP North America designs and manufactures rugged computers, displays, and more. With over 20 years of experience in building high-performance rugged computing systems and devices, CP North America’s Combat Proven designs have been used all over the world in a variety of industrial, commercial, and defense related applications. We offer discrete portable systems, transportable small/medium tactical rackmount computing systems, high-performance computers and storage servers across all standard rackmount form factors, rackmount displays and input devices, systems integration services, tactical embedded mission computers, and more.

built to last, service to match

Our quality service doesn’t just end once a unit is sold. Our program managers provide long-term support for our products via revision control, componentry roadmapping, configuration management, and our standard 5-year warranty. Our product managers organize all sub-systems and components under one master part number, simplifying and streamlining the process of ordering additional or replacement units down the line. And of course, our products are built to the highest of standards in order to meet our Combat Proven reputation.


From portable server solutions to rackmount systems integration, CP North America provides a number of rugged, high-performance computing solutions across a variety of form factors.

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Rugged rackmount computers, displays , and input devices for rugged, industrial, and commercial applications.

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