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CP Technologies has years of experience in industrial and military computing and offers the following White Papers. No section is intended to represent exhaustive research, but to simply answer first and second level questions clients might have. There are several misconceptions and falsehoods relating to industrial computers the following sections should help clarify.

  • Agency Certifications
    • Successful marketing of a product often demands conforming to strict national and international standards. Learn more about the many kinds of certifications we can help you with here.
  • Cooling and Noise in Industrial Computers
    • One of the main differences between an industrial computer and an office clone computer is cooling. Learn why these differences are so important and how they affect the way we build our computers.
  • Capabilities
    • Briefing on the key capabilities and core products and solutions offered by CP
  • MIL-STD-810G – What it is
    • What is the purpose of MIL-STD-810? The standard states “…the environmental management and engineering processes described in this standard can be of enormous value in generating confidence in the environmental worthiness and overall durability of materiel system design.”  Learn more about what that means and how vendors are applying the standard.
  • NEBS Certification and Standards
    • CP Technologies offer complete Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS) Compliance for custom rackmount enclosures. These requirements ensure the reliability, safety and performance of your custom rackmount enclosures from CP Technologies.
  • NEMA and IP Enclosure Designations
    • CP Technologies is fully conversant in Nema enclosures and can design and produce rugged computer chassis, enclosures, rackmount and panelmount displays, and keyboards which meet any of the various NEMA standards. This document provides general information on the definitions of NEMA Enclosure Types.
  • RAID in Industrial Computer Systems
    • A Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) is a collection of hard drives, one or more controller cards, and embedded software to increase the reliability and redundancy of data storage on hard drives. RAID comes in multiple flavours offering improved performance and/or improved data reliability.
  • Rapid Prototyping – Ruggedization Design for Military and Industrial Applications
    • CP Technologies designs and manufactures its ruggedized systems for harsh environment applications.  Read more to learn about the following topics: shock and vibration, temperature, protection from dirt and dust, and EMI/RFI shielding as it relates to our product offerings.
  • Situational Awareness
    • It is no secret that the amount of data available to today’s warfighter is staggering.  With the number of sources for data ever increasing, from new and more advanced Tactical Data Links, improved mapping and terrain data to advanced weather depiction it becomes even more important to have new and better human interface technology so the information can be quickly digested and decisions be made and acted on.
  • Successfully Building a Rapid Prototype
    • For many suppliers to large military and industrial contractors the idea of a rugged computer hardware and all that it entails may be a relatively unfamiliar topic, especially when it involves fulfilling the numerous Department of Defense requirements that may be involved in a military program. When approaching a project from the software perspective, which mainly defines the system’s functionality and usefulness to the customer, it is easy to lose sight of the complexity and detailed hardware specifications that are essential to its actual ability to function reliably in the application environment.
  • What is High Performance Computing and Why is it Critical for Defense and Military Applications
    • High-performance computing (HPC) is the use of parallel processing for running advanced software application programs more efficiently and faster.   High-performance computing is used for solving advanced mathematical calculations and performing data processing through the use of computer modeling, simulation and analysis.  HPC systems delivers sustained performance through its unique synchronal parallel processing power.
  • Why Go to a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
    • Traditional desktop PCs are being replaced in many installations by new Thin/Zero Client Workstations and Data Center Servers running virtual instances of application software. With the pervasiveness of Gigabit Ethernet the user experience using this technology has been vastly improved.
  • The Case for Edge Computing in a World Dominated by the Cloud
    • There is absolutely no doubt that the future of computing is in the cloud. It provides robust storage, fast speeds, a host of powerful services, and ever improving security. However, the cost of the cloud is rising significantly alongside its improved performance, making it a larger burden on budgets every year. Here at CP North America, we’re trying to help offset those rising costs for our customers by introducing them to another technology that established itself in the military and other highly regulated industries, edge computing.

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