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Our Process


CP North America has 25+ years experience in delivering integrated and ruggedized systems to military and industrial/commercial standards. Based on your needs, we will design a customized system in an appropriate chassis.


Next, our team of in-house engineers will design and rapid prototype your product off a standard COTS with your specified modifications. Our engineers are also prepared to define and manufacture custom solutions to your needs.


After collaboration and troubleshooting, we will handle shipping and system management under a single part number. For a longer lifecycle, every system is backed by a 5-year warranty, federally-approved vendors and components, and road mapped revision control.

Why Partner with CP Tech?

CP North America has been proudly serving our nation's military and industrial needs for 25+ years. With this experience, our expertise and product focus has been in designing, manufacturing, and integrating high-performance and ruggedized computing platforms, storage arrays, and networking hardware for military and industrial sectors. Each product designed and assembled by CP North America is passed through rigorous industry-specific standards including: ISO9001:2015, IPC Certification, MIL STD-810, and is ITAR registered. Couple this with an emphasis on mitigating EOL concerns and revision control, CPNA aims to make the process of rapid prototyping-to-production as frictionless as possible.

We are also happy to announce our new cable harness/wire loom manufacturing capability with our in-house cable engineering team.

High Level In-House Capabilities for Customization

CP North America possesses an extensive staff of engineers to meet your total customization requirements, including: systems, application, product, electric, mechanical and prototype engineers. To name just some of the unique environmental requirements we have engineered for, CPNA utilizes SolidWorks modeling and testing environments for shock and vibration, storage and operating temperatures, air filtration, etc.

Further based on your needs, whether it's COTS standard products or custom-made, virtually any component is eligible for modification. Rapid prototype deliverables are often shipped within 12-18 weeks, creating low hassle and a quick deployment time.

Quality Management Every Step of the Way

Each component and system that leaves our facility is rigorously tested to the highest of standards and only received through federally approved vendors for counterfeit control and optimal function. Our production utilizes ISO9001:2015 quality management system, as well as diligent compliance with regulations and quality certifications such as: ITAR, IPC, MILSTD-810, and other industry standards.

If you have a specific set of standards you need met for your systems, contact us here.

Focus on Communication and Revision Control

Past the manufacturing stage, CP North America engages in transparent and clear roadmapping for every step of the way; from logistics to maintenance and revision control. Components are built to be durable with a long lifecycle, all under one consolidated master part number. This includes the system and all sub-systems for expeditious troubleshooting and component management. Components are procured from the same manufacturer to minimize any potential compatibility issues.

For further security, each system is backed by our 5-year warranty, with acceptable replacements ready for EOL. For ease of communication, you will have a dedicated program manager to ensure coordination and product reliability.

Previous Wins

BioScience & Pharmaceuticals

CP North America is proud to partner with and provide the systems required for life-saving research. High-performance computing with our partners has directly translated to increased efficiency and capability when researching cancer solutions, developing new chemical compounds for pharmaceuticals, and improving quality of life and safety for people all around the world.

Robotic Manufacturing

In the ongoing creative battle to solve manufacturing and supply chain issues, CP North America has partnered with major Robotics Manufacturers to produce integrated robotic solutions.

Providing edge computing to leading manufacturers has led to precision electronics components that: reduce health & safety concerns for workers, can assist surgeons to perform life-saving procedures, and explore new horizons of automation.

Consumer & Entertainment

Exciting new progress is being made in enhancing your immersion and entertainment. Thanks to high-powered computing technology, completely new augmented and simulated reality experiences are possible. Real-time motion graphics and overlays for live broadcasts of major sporting events, fully simulated 18-hole courses generated from the comfort of indoors, and original “4-D” rides to take you to any adventure throughout time and space.

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