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Maintenance, Overhaul, and EOL Service for Computer Hardware
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General Repair and Maintenance for Systems, Components, and other hardware

Wear and tear is an inevitable part of computer hardware – that is why CP North America specializes in rugged hardware aimed at exceptional operational life. CP North America’s advanced technical facilities allow us to ensure product repair back to the most meticulous industrial and military standards. Our expert technician’s use rigorous diagnostics to accurately pinpoint the exact piece of faulty hardware, including peripherals and accessories, in order to maximize your hardware’s service life and performance. Our thorough inspection service also includes performing preventative maintenance activities for no additional charge. Read here for more information on the MIL-STD specifications we work with.

CPNA hardware repair can include, but is not limited to, testing for faulty motherboards, CPUs, RAM, HDD/SSD, optical drives, heat sinks, GPUs, NICs, and other internal hardware components. We support repair for major brands, and can extend the lifecycle of your vital equipment. We also service existing/EOL/EOSL products.

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System Refresh and Overhaul Upgrades

At times, strategic overhaul is necessary due to reasons such as IT regulation, failing required performance metrics, or recent expansion of business capabilities. Parts repair or replacement can be a band-aid solution, but ultimately won’t address the issue of changing needs. Down the line, you may need to install additional storage, higher-performance components, and/or ruggedization for a new environment; this is where a planned overhaul or refresh becomes a necessity. Refraining from doing so could save money in the short-term, but trying to stretch hardware well past its intended lifecycle can result in potential infrastructure collapse as well as wasted time and resources.

CP North America can audit your systems and components and provide you with a project plan that accounts for speed, reliability, and security integration for virtually all brands of industrial computer.

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EOL and aftermarket Service

At the end of a hardware lifecycle, your options typically are to purchase new hardware or enter into an expensive post-warranty support contract with the OEM. CP North America offers multiple avenues to extend the functioning life of your core systems and components through TPM (third party maintenance) options and reliably-sourced OEM parts to preserve your high-end performance needs. For further peace of mind, we are proud to stand behind our work and support for every unit serviced with an equipment warranty. Contact us here to create a roadmap and support plan optimized to you.

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