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Designing a Custom Enclosure for a Biotech Product

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Our client produces equipment for the biotechnology industry. They required a customized commercial-grade chassis that would allow them to populate the enclosure with industry specific hardware that could change as rapidly as product updates allowed. While the client was providing their own internal systems, the end product required many of the properties and specifications that CP Technologies routinely addresses in its standard products including air flow, humidity and temperature extremes, and real-time data analysis for computationally-intense applications.

Product Flexibility

Due to the rapid updates required in the biotech industry, our customer needed a product that would allow them flexibility in altering the contents of the computing system. By modifying our standard commercial chassis, we were able to provide a cost effective alternative to a brand new design. Removing drive bays, changing air vent locations, and door layout were some of the necessary modifications.

Corporate Branding

Branding the product was also a concern. We provided a custom color to coordinate with other related products, a modified front access door to present a more streamlined appearance and ease of access, and an embossed space for their product and corporate logo mark and type.

Prototype to Production

After our engineering team confirmed the design requirements, a prototype was created so the customer could verify the complete product design validity. After design confirmation, the CP Technologies’ team created a procedure build for production units.

CP Technologies has over a decade of experience solving customers’ custom computer design requirements.

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