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Designing a Custom 1U for a Telecom Application

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nebs-1u-1280 Our telecommunications customer needed a custom 1U form factor to accommodate a high-end Virtex-6 processor for a network processing application. The design needed to meet stringent and diverse performance specifications. The layout required an air channel to isolate the processor and a redundant power supply with AC and DC options. The system also needed to be able to go through NEBS testing in the future without a redesign, which meant including the features of low-smoke wiring, a PyroCide vent panel for fire suppression, grounding studs, and a recessed reset switch.

Our Sales Engineer worked as the primary point of contact for the customer, joined by a dedicated Applications Engineer, to define the customer’s requirements. Our Application Engineer’s previous experience with NEBS-compliant systems enabled essential details to be addressed during the design phase, which was critical due to the intricacy involved.

NEBS Compliance

The Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS) generic requirements are a complex series of specifications that exist to ensure critical communications systems continue in the face of expected and unexpected emergencies. Issues such as fire, earthquakes, lightning, EMI emissions, and airborne contamination are among the problems that must be accounted for in the design. For example, to resist fire and the spread of damage to other units, the system must self-extinguish an internal fire within minutes, in addition to other considerations. Different customers may have stricter requirements.

From Design to Production

After our engineering team confirmed the design specifics with an approved Statement of Work, which in this case was necessary due to more involved requirements, the customer placed an order for non-recurring engineering and prototype development. The cooling properties were achieved via the chassis’ internal layout, fan placement, and utilization of CP Technologies’ proprietary SysCoolTM thermal management system. Using SolidWorks, our engineers confirmed the fit and cooling properties before prototype manufacture. After design validation, the CP Technologies’ team created a procedure build for production units.

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