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Mobile Command Station Server with Raid Redundancy

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Many times customers require a custom computer configuration that will be able to last for the duration of a long program. They require components that will still be available several years into the future with minimal changes, and those systems must be reliable. Their system may need to be rugged for a harsh environment or just sturdier than a regular IT-grade computer.  CP Technologies excels at providing these computer systems and services to our customers.

Our client required an extremely reliable server for their mobile command station.  While there were no special environmental requirements, the system needed to be more durable than the typical off-the-shelf rackmount system because of its mobile platform. They also needed revision-controlled, long-life components because of the program life cycle.  The application involved data collection and they required high storage capacity.  Due to the criticality of the data, redundancy needed to be incorporated into the configuration.

CP Technologies provided a 3U rackmount computer that was customized to include six hard disk drives (HDD) for a RAID 5 configuration.  This HDD setup offered the space required for multiple terabyte volumes along with the redundancy required, allowing the computer to stay running while a failed drive was replaced, providing zero downtime.

A standard revision-controlled motherboard was used as there were no special processing capacity requirements.  Hold-down bars were used to ensure that the add-in cards remained seated during transport. After five years and over 100 units, this program is still ongoing and has experienced exceptionally high success rates.  While the base system configuration hasn’t changed, certain minor upgrades were incorporated. The hard disk drives were upgraded and the DVDRW was upgraded to Blu-ray.

If you are looking for a system that is reliable and has long life and is revision controlled, CP Technologies can help.

CP Technologies has over a decade of experience solving customers design requirements.

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