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Mobile Outbreak Response with CPNA

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Mobile Outbreak Response with CPNA

During the initial months of the COVID-19 outbreak, when the disease was spreading rapidly and safety measures were still fluctuating, we noticed a huge issue when it came to the infrastructure supporting testing. For one, testing was limited, and two, potentially infected individuals would be required to travel to public areas to receive a test, potentially infecting others.

Medical professionals were not armed with the mobile support technology, nor the communication infrastructure, to have a better chance at culling outbreaks. This type of technology and tools are particularly important for smaller regions and rural medical professionals where access to more robust solutions and testing are not available.

For CPNA, this was a challenge we were armed to solve. We began working with a number of bioscience companies because our mobile compute and communications platforms lent themselves very well to the challenges the medical industry was trying to solve. Specifically, our military-proven solutions are designed to work in remote areas and help to amplify communication and data transfer. These tools could be converted for rapid testing in smaller regions and rural areas.

In addition, our open architecture computing platforms made it incredibly simple to plug and play into existing systems. Our configuration management tools also lend themselves to long-term, long-life equipment. A lot of times, buying something commercial is outdated within eight months – we maintain configuration management to allow systems to last for 10-12 years. Therefore, this is a solution that will continue throughout the pandemic and further.

These solutions have been deployed during regional outbreaks, allowing medical professionals to rapidly test individuals anywhere and transmit test data to well-equipped facilities to get faster results and more thoroughly contain an outbreak. Many of these systems also included edge computing technology, making it possible to achieve the same computing power in very bandwidth limited areas.

The solutions also go beyond COVID testing. They are also highly adaptable to serve a variety of medical needs including imaging and blood analyzing.

Overall, nearly every industry needs fast and reliable communications and compute platforms for limited bandwidth areas. CPNA has an extensive history serving military operations on land sea, and air, as well as our open architecture systems, can be easily transferable to most applications where remote computing power and communications is critical.

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