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MP3x17/21 Portable

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MP3x17/21 Portable

Some applications require more visualization and working space such as surveilling multiple points simultaneously. Expanding on the increased power and ruggedness of the MP1, the MP3x17 model incorporates a tri-fold display while still keeping lightweight portability.

Additional information

Server Dimensions

Option 1: 14" X 17" X 11"
Option 2: 15" X 21" X 12"


60 lbs

Cooling Fans

1x or 2x 120mm cooling fans


Intel Core and Xeon Processors Supported


Option 1: 1x 3.5" & 2x 5.25"
Option 2: 6x 3.5" and 3x 5.25"

Expansion Slots

x7 Full height I/O Cards


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