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Flight Simulator Image Combiner Chassis This customer supplies high fidelity flight simulations systems to the military. Their existing supplier was not able to keep up with the orders. The existing chassis was simply a stock 2U with a custom rear panel. This led to several compromises in the cooling of this high power system. The customer also wanted a matching 2U chassis for a cohesive system look.

Standard 2U Rackmount Computer CP Technologies redesigned the E1CHASSIS to remove the drives, incorporate a new rear panel, new chassis, fan bracket and door. In addition, CP Technologies’ engineers noticed an error in the customers PCB layout and provided a custom spacer to better support the rear panel connectors. Standard 2U Rackmount ComputerThe first call for this project was logged May 22, 2003. The proposal drawing was approved May 28. Fifty five custom chassis were shipped to the customer June 13.


Click below for a PDF of the E1CHASSIS Customer Drawing next to the proposal drawing for the custom chassis.

Custom Rackmount Simulator Chassis

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