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Custom Data Acquistion Flight Telemetry System This renowned manufacturer of advanced digital signal processing systems providing telemetry capture and analysis to aircraft and missile flight test ranges required a chassis for their new PCI based system. CP Technologies designed and built a passive backplane system providing mounting for their status display as well as a rear panel dog house for interfacing the myriad cables and signals to the plug-in PCI data acquisition cards.

Custom Data Acquistion Flight Telemetry System Rear View The prototype system was designed and fabricated in record time to allow the customer to display this important new product at their one major show of the year. The 14-slot backplane can accommodate 8 full-length and 3 short PCI cards. The system is well cooled with two 120x38mm fans. A redundant power supply assures uninterrupted data acquisition without risk of power supply failure. The front panel provides two Storcase SATA drive carriers and a slim DVD.

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