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Dini Group FPGA Emulation Engine The Dini Group, a local designer and manufacturer of highly sophisticated logic emulation boards, approached CP Technologies to design and manufacture the enclosure for their new DN8000K10 Virtex4 based ASIC prototyping system. This incredibly advanced emulation engine required a 15×22.1″ PCB to hold the 16 FPGA chips and 9 daughter cards to provide emulation of up to 24 million gates in logic and memory designs. A board this large is quite fragile and very expensive.

Dini Group FPGA Emulation Engine CP Technologies designed an enclosure that provides a removable inner chassis to hold the PCB allowing the board to be placed on a bench for testing and configuration, yet be fully protected. The inner chassis fits inside a custom 19″ rack mount enclosure for system operation. The chassis provides system support, excellent cooling, a 600W power supply, and adaptable rear panel I/O. Dini Group FPGA Emulation EngineClose collaboration between the PCB and mechanical design teams assured the enclosure system performed as required on the first design spin. Go to The Dini Group ‘Son Of Monster’ page for more information and photos of this amazing system. Click the two photos to the right for larger views.

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