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Building a Ruggedized Computer to Withstand Almost Everything

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Industrial 5U Rackmount Computer

Rugged 5U High Performance GPU Server

From the hot sands of Iraq to the harsh peaks of the Himalayas, there isn’t a hostile terrain on earth a properly designed and constructed ruggedized computer can’t handle. While similar in function, a ruggedized computer differs from the standard desktop or laptop you use at home or the office in many ways. It’s designed to provide users with a line to the technological world, even from a remote and harsh location.

Rugged PCs, as well as their rack mounts, can sustain severe punishment and still function. They are sealed for resistance to dirt, dust and water and able to take the daily abuse of being bumped around and even dropped—they will still run. Analysts take an in-depth look at how these rugged PCs are constructed.

Casing stronger than plastic

Plastic may be a strong material for making computers; but if you plan on using it in the field, a stronger material is available: aluminum. This lightweight metal is known for being more robust than plastic, allowing it to resist impact after impact. Delicate components of the rugged PC can be protected from physical damage with properly design mounting and shock mounts.

Shock mounting

Another feature that contributes to the rugged PC’s resilience against physical damage is the use of shock mounts on certain components, such as the hard drive. Field installation, especially vehicular applications, subject a industrial rack mount computer to shocks and vibration office computers never experience.


There are two ways a rugged PC keeps water or moisture from seeping into the system. For fully-rugged computers, the system is tightly sealed to protect the interior from water, dust, dirt, extreme heat and cold, and other elements in harsh conditions. The rugged computers for military applications are good examples of fully-rugged computers.

This may not be the case with semi-rugged computers; but they have their own way of keeping water or moisture out. At the bare minimum, a semi-rugged PC or industrial touch screen monitor has a spill-proof keyboard and screen. This is ideal for computer users and all techies who enjoy eating, drinking, and typing at the same time.

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