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Your Configuration. One Part Number.

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Harsh Environment Transit Case Systems

Harsh Environment Transit Case Systems

Providing our customers with a unique computer system solution is our core business, hence the phrase “Your Configuration.”  But we also sell our systems under “One Part Number.”  This can be a big benefit for customers with projects where multiple components are required to be placed in one rackmount configuration, saving time as well as procurement and labor costs.   Rather than buying system components from several different manufactures and then integrating these components, customers can outsource the entire task to CP Technologies.  You can order a turnkey portable workstation, which fits your project requirements, under a single part number, all while getting simplified procurement and reducing the personnel hours required for systems integration.  In these times of budget cutbacks, and higher costs for larger companies to perform their own transit case integration, outsourcing this service is a cost effective alternative.  It also frees up your time to work on the more complex aspects of your projects.   Tight Trade Show Schedules and Cost Constraints

Display Wall Transit Case System

One Part Number Ordering for Four Integrated Transit Cases

CP Technologies recently completed a project for a customer that was under limited time constraints for a trade show they were attending in six weeks.  Normally, their procurement department would order the needed systems in many different pieces.  This required separate authorizations for each purchase and the coordination of several different vendors and their associated lead times.  Once all hardware arrived at the customer’s location, it would take several days before the components were received into inventory and routed to the proper location.  Then personnel resources were required to unpack the equipment, execute mechanical assembly, connect power and cables, test, and repack the entire assembly for shipment.   Utilizing these internal resources, the customer projected a nearly three month turn-around time.   By using CP Technologies to handle the transit case integration, the customer was able to issue one purchase order.  The entire assembly, including transit case, computers, displays and power supplies, were all integrated, tested and shipped within a month. This provided the customer the extra time they needed to add their content, and they were able to deliver the units to the show with time to spare and to stay within their budget constraints.   Integration and Third Party Testing, All in One Part Number   In another situation, a customer required a complete integrated transit case system that required shock and vibration testing for its intended deployed environment.  CP Technologies provided a complete system tested and approved via a third party test house, and the customer only needed to issue one purchase order.  By working closely with a third party test house, we were able to fine tune the configuration to the customer’s environmental requirements and provide the required certifications.  CP Technologies was also able to add customer provided content to the systems, further saving the customer time and effort and allowing them to focus efforts on core projects.   One Part Number Saves You Time and Resources   When looking for a rapid, painless procurement of ruggedized computing and display equipment, CP Technologies can be a valuable partner in this ever changing world of procurement and cost savings.  The outsourcing of rack systems integration saves time, money and most importantly frees up personnel for more important aspects of your projects.

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