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Rugged Zero Client

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Zero/Thin Clients Engineers at CP Technologies released their new patent-pending rugged CPZ-156T Rugged Zero Client as part of a partnership with Dell OEM Solutions.The devices leverages a Dell PCoIP ASIC controller in a rugged enclosure designed for use in extreme environments.

The Zero Client which has a 15.6 inch liquid crystal display (LCD) and 10-point multi-touch touch screen. It conforms to PCoIP using the Teradici TERA2321 controller. Its power is provided by Power over Ethernet (PoE) for single-cable operation.

The new CP Technologies solution meets the Army “Approved Thin Client/Zero Client Computing Reference Architecture v1” dated 14 March 2013 which is to be used for SIPRNet and NiPRNet implementations. As such, it is impervious to malware, virus, and other cyber-attack vectors, company officials say. There is only one connection to the device and it is tethered with no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections that might compromise security.

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