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CPZ-156T Zero Client Released at AFCEA West

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CPZ-156T Rugged Zero Client CP Technologies is proud to release their new CPZ-156T Rugged Zero Client at AFCEA West in San Diego, CA., February 17, 2016.  The CPZ-156T is a unique patent pending Zero Client which includes a 15.6″ LCD and 10-point multi-touch touch screen. The unit conforms to PCoIP using the Teradici TERA2321 processor.  Power is uniquely provided by Power over Ethernet (PoE) for single-cable operation.

Designed be a state-of-the-art secure information device, the CPZ-156T is designed from the beginning for security, first and foremost. Utilizing the industry standard PCoIP Protocol (Teradici Chipset), CP Technologies’ Zero Clients are designed to be compliant with currently available Desktop Zero Clients but in a rugged form factor for deployment abroad. To further ensure security, the CP Technologies’ CPZ-156T is powered through the IEEE-802.3at Power over Ethernet connection. This means a single push-pull connector is all that is required to lose all display information on the Ruggedized Client. As in all true Zero Client Architectures, no information is ever contained on the Client, it is just an encrypted rendering of the actual Virtualized Desktop (VDI) on the server.

In order to address a need for a Secure Ruggedized Data Terminal for the DoD, a system architecture was devised to provide a single connection to a PCoIP™ based Zero Client. This was made possible by selecting ultra-low power components (Laptop display and Touch Panel as well as a Low Power Zero Client). This enabled implementing the IEEE-802.3at Standard which provides for Ethernet connectivity, Power and Human Interface with a 25.5 Watt Power Envelope. The unit is designed to be the State of Art in security, as there is only one connection to the device and the unit is tethered. The moment that link is broken, there stops Ethernet activity as well as removing power from the device which requires re-authentication once the connection is re-established. This follows the Army “Approved Thin Client/Zero Client Computing Reference Architecture v1.)” dated 1 May 2013 which is to be used for SIPRNet and NiPRNet implementations.

Information is available at CPZ-156T Zero Client .

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