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Short 4U Rugged Chassis

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Modern machine learning algorithms have come a long way, both in terms of complexity as well as in terms of implementation and use cases. One major application for machine learning in the last few years has been in the field of image processing for autonomous vehicles, with everyone from major companies such as Tesla and Nvidia to smaller newcomers in the market developing cutting edge technologies that will help define the future of mobility. Here at CP, we look forward to be a major part of this new emerging field by providing one of the key pieces to making this all happen.

CP Technologies presents the M4US, a short chassis rackmount system with all the compute power needed by the most advanced machine learning algorithms.

The M4US high-performance computing platform delivers rugged durability in an ultra-dense short 4U rackmount form factor. The M4US is built using industry standard COTS componentry and can be customized to meet the performance needs of every unique application our customers need. Featuring support for standard ATX size motherboards and the highest performing CPUs in both single and dual CPU configurations, the M4U is capable of up to 4x removeable 2.5” drives, 2x internal 2.5” storage drives and an array of PCI and/or PCI Express expansion cards with chassis that is only 14” deep. Multiple GPUs and high-performance CPUs demand power and the M4US is able to provide up to 1100 watts of power from a compact DC power supply unit.

Utilizing our proprietary SysCool® thermal management system and built to the highest of MIL-grade standards, the M4U is designed to meet modern high-performance computing demands while delivering consistent and reliable performance in the harshest of rackmount environments. Additionally, this is backed by our standard 5-year warranty, revision control and configuration management to ensure that current and future hardware remain supported throughout the full lifespan of any project.

To learn more about the M4US or other rugged computing solutions, check out our website here, read the M4US data sheet here or reach out to one of our experts here.

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