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DTS-xxx Data Transport System

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DTS-xxx Data Transport System
CP Technologies has moved past simple data storage to high-volume data transportation.  With increased processing power and sensor fusion comes increasingly huge amounts of data.  Persistent surveillance is an example of an application that creates huge amounts of video data that may need to be moved to a centralized processing facility.  Often this data is created in locations that do not offer high-bandwidth pathways to where the data is required for long-term storage and analysis. Science data, seismic exploration data, video production, secure information or any large data set is a perfect fit for the DTS-xxx.

CP Technologies offers the DTS-xxx Data Transport System, optimized to physically move multiple terabytes, up to 100TB, of valuable data from place to place in the safest possible manner.  It is housed in a small, rugged transit case which meets airline requirements for in-cabin overhead-bin storage.  This assures valuable data can be transported by commercial airlines without ever leaving the presence of a trusted courier.  Yet the systems are rugged enough to be shipped by common carrier such as UPS and Fed Ex.

Transmitting terabytes of data using traditional means, with the assumption that fast on-line transfer is available, can require hundreds or thousands of hours and may not be secure.  The DTS-xxx can securely move any amount of data from anywhere in the world limited only by airline schedules.

The DTS-xxx provides the following features:

  • Rugged compact carry-on sized packaging less than 50lbs
  • Up to 100TB of drive storage
  • Multiple Interface options (10/100/1000/10000/40000/100000 Ethernet, Fiber Channel, InfiniBand, Copper or Fiber)
  • SATA, SAS or PCIe Drives, Rotating or Solid State
  • Up to 620K Streaming Read IOPs
  • Up to 500K Streaming Write IOPs
  • 4KB random writes up to 6500 MBPs
  • 4KB random reads up to 6200 MBPs
  • Optional built in console display for RAID Manager
  • JBOD or RAID (user selectable configuration)
  • Optional 128- or 256-bit encryption
  • Data compression algorithms
  • High-performance motherboard for customer application software
  • Input port options include Fiber, Firewire, USB 3.0, Parallel Multi-Gigabit Ethernet, Thunderbolt, PCIe Expansion

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