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CP Technologies Supports F35 Joint Strike Fighter

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CP Technologies Custom Portable Computer on F35 Joint Strike Fighter CP Technologies has a long history of supporting complex military programs by providing custom rugged computer and display systems.  We’re proud to include the F35 Joint Strike Fighter in that list.  The attached photo shows an F35 on the flight line at Elgin AFB with the engine running while a technician monitors the aircraft systems with a CP Technologies’ custom portable computer.

Every F35 that has or is flying is connected to one of these custom 3-screen portable computers prior to flight.  The F35 is fly-by-wire and every system can be accessed, manipulated and tested via a bus which is brought out to the right side of the aircraft.  The CP Technologies’ systems were there for initial manufacturing test in the factory, tests of the initial prototypes at Edwards AFB in the Mojave Desert, CA, and test and configuration of all the deployed aircraft world-wide.  This includes the STOL version deployed on Navy carriers.

The CP Technologies’ portable system is used for aircraft configuration, firmware upload, flight data download, etc.

These are highly customized systems designed and built specifically for this program.  Custom communications boards are installed to communicate with the aircraft via three connectors on the side of the aircraft.  At one time, during initial flight testing, CP Technologies provided an additional 3 LCDs which mounted to the top of the portable computer to provide a total of 6 17″ 1280×1024 displays.

These systems are used in a wide variety of harsh environments.  Flight lines and carrier decks are not known for being climate controlled.  While the prototypes were at Edwards AFB, they were connected to one of these portable computers for engine start inside the shelters, the computer was disconnected and tossed into the back of a pickup truck which was driven to the end of the runway, then reconnected to the aircraft for final preflight testing.  Not a smooth ride.

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Photo courtesy of Northwest Florida Daily News.

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