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MIL-STD Ruggedization: Is Your Server Truly Up To The Challenge?

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Ultra Ruggedization: Is Your Server Truly Up To The Challenge?

January 9th, 2024

From torrid deserts, frozen tundra, and even turbulent seas, the modern theater of operations is demanding and full of harsh environments. You can prepare people for these conditions but you can’t train essential computer hardware to withstand heat, shock, dust and moisture. This is where optimizing for function and portability coalesce, the ruggedized rackmount server. Capable of withstanding and functioning through severe punishment, our machines are not “commercially rugged devices” which many companies intend when they use the word rugged. CPNA builds to the most extreme and challenging environments established under MIL-SPEC and the latest MIL-STDs.


Rugged computer system

Durability, Shock Mounting, and Waterproofing

Plastic, though a strong, cheap, and effective material for computer casing, doesn’t provide the impact resistant capabilities necessary for field missions. Combining the best qualities of lightweight, robust impact-resistance and turning it up to 11, our rugged servers are protected from shock and with durable aircraft-grade 5052-H32 aluminum.

Externally protected with milled metal, CPNA server’s components are also internally protected from damage with shock mounts on certain components like the HDD. This is especially core to vehicle-mounted systems; in a land vehicle you’re exposed to constant shock with uneven or possibly rocky terrain. Aerospace and maritime missions are subjected to several turbulent conditions as well, with marine vessels especially facing the issue of excessive moisture and the need for waterproofing from their environment.

Fully rugged systems can be tightly sealed to protect interior components from dust, dirt, moisture, and other elements in harsh environments, especially ones set to MIL-SPEC. Not only is the core system protected, but accessories including the display and keyboard

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