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Portable Storage Array

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Storage Systems

Portable Storage Systems

Designed and Built in the USA

CP Technologies offers the DTS-xxx Data Transport System, optimized to physically move multiple terabytes, up to 100TB, of valuable data from place to place in the safest possible manner. It is housed in a small, rugged transit case which meets airline requirements for in-cabin overhead-bin storage. This assures valuable data can be transported by commercial airlines without ever leaving the presence of a trusted courier. Yet the systems are rugged enough to be shipped by common carrier such as UPS and Fed Ex.

  • Rugged compact carry-on sized packaging less than 50lbs
  • Single Intel Xeon E3 Series
  • Intel C202 Micro
  • High-Performance Motherboard
  • SATA, SAS or PCIe Drives, Rotating or Solid State
  • Optional 128- or 256-bit Encryption
  • Input port options include Fiber, Firewire, USB 3.0, Parallel Multi-Gigabit Ethernet, Thunderbolt, PCIe Expansion
  • Data Compression Algorithms
  • JBOD or RAID (user selectable configuration)

    Custom Features
    If these specifications don’t meet your requirements please contact our Sales Engineers at +1800.787.4913 or CP Technologies excels at custom system design and can provide a solution that exactly meets your application requirements.

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Syscool™ Thermal Management System

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Mil-spec standards, dependable ruggedization

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revision control and configuration management

CP Technolgies designs, fabricates and integrates standard and customized high-performance computing platforms for military, industry, and commercial applications. We provide reliable systems that will operate in harsh conditions and include revision control and hardware consistency for multi-year programs.

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