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CP Technologies Announces Release of 7″ Rugged Tablet

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San Diego, CA – CP Technologies has launched an ultra-rugged 7” tablet that is designed for maximum efficiency in rigorous environments and built in the USA. In a sleek MTB-7 Rugged Military Grade 7" Tablet package with the highest-rated protection against water and dust (IP68), the Rugged Tablet can go into the harshest environments and provides optimum ruggedness to support military and industrial applications. The MTB-7 is designed to meet Mil-STD 810G. Running Windows 10, the new MTB-7 brings powerful functionality to mobile data collection, featuring a large, 7-inch, extra-bright display for easily viewing maps or images, all-day battery power lasting up to 15 hours, and of course, the unmatched ruggedness that CP Technologies is known for backed by our 2-year warranty.

With a full Windows operating system, the entire data collection process can be carried out from start to finish on your MTB-7. Snap a photo, record field notes, or capture a GNSS location, and then analyze the data you just collected using the Rugged Tablet. Or, quickly transfer your data to another computer or network using the optional docking station. The system includes options for 4G LTE Modem, bar code reader, RFID, camera and GPS. Its racing-fast processor and lightweight, ergonomic design ensure maximum efficiency and minimal fatigue. With all the functionality of a desktop computer packed into one ultra-tough tablet, the MTB-7 will truly become your office, anywhere.

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