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The Rugged LCD Monitor: Clarity Even in Harsh Environments

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CPX1-241 24-Inch Rackmount LCD Display Rugged computers are used in harsh environments, requiring tough construction to protect the more vulnerable parts. Home-use and office-use computers are more delicate and should not be exposed to the rigors of the factory floor or harsh environments. Rugged computers and rugged LCD monitors are specialized systems that are built to withstand and operate in all types of environments that risk exposure to these damaging conditions such as high/low temperatures, dust, moisture or water.

Industrial-grade rugged computers are designed to be used in factories where they may be at risk of dust, water or shock and vibration damage. These aluminum-cased, rugged computers can survive conditions office computers would not. Some industrial-grade computers can be used in a rack-mount frame, where multiple equipment modules are installed.

Computers such as these can be equipped to store and process massive amounts of information.

The same is true for military-grade computers, which are typically used in very harsh environments including extreme temperature and blowing dust. The construction of these rugged computers allows them to survive the ravaging of debris, sand, water and overexposure to sunlight. Rugged computers can be used in the construction and mining industry where computing requirements would put ordinary personal computers at too much risk.

“Rackmount” computers are intended to be installed in a RTMA rack along with other equipment such as a rackmount LCD display.   Rackmount servers are needed in where a large amount of data must be stored and processed. Some items can be put in transit cases, which can be used in remote environments such as battle fields, mines, or oil well sites.  Transit cases protect the computers during transportation but do not offer much protection from heat and dirt/dust during operation.

Rugged rackmount monitors have some similarities to ordinary desktop computer monitors, though they are much more robust and abuse resistant.

Like the rest of the rugged computer’s parts, rugged display monitors are designed to withstand most any damage and can survive being dropped and mistreated (not intentional, of course). Rugged displays will survive exposure to liquids or extreme temperatures.   A rugged monitor is another name for a rugged display and uses LCD technology. LCDs are the same types of screens used in aircraft cockpit displays and other applications where low power, shock resistance and sunlight viewability are required. LCD monitors are designed to provide low reflectivity and high contrast even in harsh sunlight. These unique characteristics enable a rugged monitor to display clear imagery even in the most formidable conditions.   The CP Technologies’ CPX1-241 is one such monitor offering rack mounting, a 24-inch ruggedized LCD display with bonded Anti-Reflective coating, InfraRed touch screen, and virtually any video or graphic input signal

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