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Flight Qualified Lear Camera Controller System A Fortune 500 aerospace and defense contractor required a controller system for an airborne ultra high resolution panning camera system mounted in a Lear business jet. As this is flight qualified hardware, there are strict requirements for human factors, flight crew safety, structural integrity and crash worthiness. CP Technologies designed and manufactured a rugged compact system to house a Micro-ATX motherboard, slim slot-fed DVD/RW, and two canister mounted 2-1/2″ form factor solid state drives. Wiring was low smoke halogen free for fire safety. External cable connections are through Mil-Circular locking connectors. Two fans cool the system. Tailored plug-in card retention assures the cards stay seated regardless of flight vibration and landing shocks. The system is constructed from high strength 5052 aluminum alloy. Stainless hardware and self locking fasteners were used throughout. Configured weight is a low 19.1lbs. See the MBT-1A4MTX for details.

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