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Wall Mount / Shock Mounted Chassis Note – The W03 is now a standard CP Technologies product. CP Technologies was approached by an arcade game manufacturer to provide a ruggedized PC chassis able to fit existing game cabinets and to survive the abuse and transportation loads imposed on these cabinets. Microsoft and Intel were supporting the Arcade PC initiative to use simple PC components for arcade games instead of the historically used dedicated boards. The problem was office type computers were failing. See ArcadePC Drop for a graphic example of what this system can survive.

Open Frame Shock Mounted Computer Chassis The resulting design was the first single-sided arcade chassis allowing access to all I/O and drives from the same side. The chassis can be supplied with shock mounts tailored to the specific application. Open Frame Shock Mounted Computer ChassisVariations of the original design have now been installed is such diverse applications as ATMs and kiosks, lumber mill saw control where constant vibrations and shocks were killing other systems, chip testing systems where cooling fan vibration is an issue, public transportation. This design is perfect for any application which requires an easy to service yet rugged shock and vibration resistant design. Shock mounting the entire system is the only way to assure component survivability. See our White Paper on Shock and Vibration.

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