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Harsh Computing Environment’s – Hazardous (Classified) Locations

There are degrees of rugged computing environments.  Rugged systems can be designed to survive shock, vibration, altitude, and temperature extremes, but there are times when a computer or display may need to operate in a considerably more hazardous location.  The National Electrical Code (NEC) defines hazardous locations as being where… Read More

RAID Data Storage

Introduction RAID is an acronym which stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks.  It combines multiple disk drives into a logical unit.  As its name implies, it provides redundancy which allows continuous access to data should a disk drive fail.  When a server wants to store data it sends a… Read More

Your Configuration. One Part Number.

Providing our customers with a unique computer system solution is our core business, hence the phrase “Your Configuration.”  But we also sell our systems under “One Part Number.”  This can be a big benefit for customers with projects where multiple components are required to be placed in one rackmount configuration,… Read More

Rapid Prototyping Helps Customers Meet Short Deadlines

Rapid prototyping can be used to verify a design direction by testing specifications and components before committing resources. It can provide timely “proof of concept” products for review and final decision making. Rapid prototyping can help you meet a deadline if your customer suddenly backs up delivery schedules. CP Technologies’… Read More

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